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A grafMED  is a leader in the Hospital Medical segment, specializing in medical labels for traceability used during the sterilization process. It works with national and imported raw materials, following all the requirements of   Resolution RDC-15, thus providing state-of-the-art technological solutions within ANVISA standards. Produces and develops   traceable labels with double adhesive layer (dual-use labels), colored and white, that support sterilization by steam autoclave, ETO, Formaldehyde and Steam/ Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma (VPPH):


  • Labels for chemical integrators;

  • Labels for clinical analysis, laboratories;

  • Labels for industries that need process traceability;

  • DOT micro labels   with QR Code  laser printing;

  • Colored identification strips for surgical instruments.


Also check out other products    from the line  Medical-Hospital.


With the expertise and technologies acquired for the demanding medical field,   grafMED , detected the opportunity to solve the frequent problems of printing for tracking and smart labels for the logistics area and  make  available for this   Marketplace:

  • Tags  dispatch-delivery;

  • Tags multiple checks;

  • Fractionation labels;

  • Dual-use labels;

  • Tamperproof labels, which are the most requested by the delivery niche;

  • Labels  expiry date and manufacturing date, among others;

  • Labels for medical, chemical, food and beverage packaging.


Always thinking about solving the problems found in the market, jointly between the industry and the transformation industry,   grafMED carries out the projects  respecting the agreed reliability and confidentiality. 

The customer assigns the raw material,   grafMED  the workforce and carries out the processes within the characteristics of its product. Its biggest gain: reduction of taxes and duties, with an outsourced production line.

The services are:

  • Cut;

  • Lamination;

  • adhesive;

  • Print

Always someone close to you

A   grafMED  is present throughout the national territory through its  distributors or consultants.  But, if your region be    no representative is just   access one of  channels from  calls below that  a   grafMED  will be pleased to    serve you.

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