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Excellence in technology for process protection and traceability

Who we are

A grafMED was born to solve a very common pain in hospitals or health institutions: the traceability of sterilization processes.

Maurício Calicchio and Luís Henrique Batista, detected an opportunity in this emerging market in Brazil, and founded almost two decades ago a   grafMED , which is present throughout the national territory through its  distributors or consultants.  

A   grafMED  is a graphics company specialized in medical labels for traceability used during the material processing flow in a CME (Material Center for Sterilization). Providing solutions  with fully national cutting-edge technology, shielding customers from the volatility of the exchange rate and the foreign market. Thus, they won the Brazilian market.

In all this time, they have built  solid and versatile medical solutions, have conquered  an experienced, certified team with a reputedly meticulous service. new markets.


It strives to seek new fronts such as the segments: logistics, food industry, pharmaceuticals, veterinary, technicians, engineering and construction. A   grafMED is dedicated to developing technologies for these  markets with their most diverse variations and demands. Ensuring the effectiveness of your products. Check product lines for markets   medical-hospital, industrial it's from logistics.




Meet the needs of the market and offer the highest technology available, with innovations, in addition to providing our customers with transparency (price, term and service).



To be the best traceability, printing and technical parts company. We have the ability and domain to meet the most diverse variables  like any other that needs specific technical products.



We give   grafMED  deeply believe that through ethics, transparency, belief and commitment, we will achieve our goals.



The fact is that the current environmental, health and economic crises provoked a movement in which many managers, entrepreneurs and great leaders of companies are rethinking the purpose of their businesses, as well as their way of working and their role in the world.

After all, society is already saturated with old habits that are no longer contributing to the preservation of the planet, nor bringing quality of life to people. Thus, there was this need for businesses to rethink their actions, showing that they are increasingly following current trends involving this issue of consciousness.

A   grafMED collaborates annually with social institutions such as GRAACC, which seeks to improve the lives of children with cancer.

Photo: Luís Henrique Batista (left) and Maurício Calicchio (right), CEOs ofgrafMED, proud of the highlight on the commemorative plaque of GRAACC as a donating company of the social institution.

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