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In addition to producing your labels, we also work with Ribbon for your thermal printers. With high quality and for different impressions, whether high or low temperatures.


    • Standard Mixed:

    (Wax/Resin) Its formulation offers wide adaptability to different substrates. With low print temperature consumption, it helps to protect the print head, thus prolonging its service life.

    • Premium Blend:

    (Wax/Resin) It has excellent print quality and abrasion resistance, wide adaptability on substrates. It can be used in several applications of low temperatures, direct or indirect with cold foods. Ideal for refrigerators.

    • Standard Resin:

    Conventional Resin, meets most applications that require resistance to attrition and general purpose chemicals. With wide adaptability in substrates, resistant to several applications and excellent printing quality.

    • Standard Wax:

    With low power consumption and improved backcoating, it maintains quality and helps protect printheads substantially, effectively extending their lifespan.


    • Premium Wax:

    Wide adaptability on various substrates, offers excellent resistance to friction.


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