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Labels for labeling machines with double adhesive layer for steam sterilization for process traceability. It features Type 1 chemical indicator and assists in package identification and may come with process information, expiration date, equipment, cycle and operator. Resistant up to 150ºC and adhesive developed to withstand autoclave vacuum. It can be printed in standard white colors and in colors your team needs to facilitate visual location. Ideal for organizing CME or clinics that need different colors to identify OPME, instruments, private boxes, etc.

Label for Double Layer Adhesive Labeling Machines for Autoclave Sterilization

  • Identification label with double adhesive and type 1 indicator. Dimensions according to the customer's needs. The labels may come with spaces for information: product, batch number, sterilization date, use-by date, sterilization method and person responsible for preparation. Or fields formatted as the customer requests.

    • Stripe with process chemical indicator for steam sterilization Type 1(“ROSE/RED”: special thermochromic ink for autoclave Vapor);
    • Colored Double Use Label: comes with a double layer of adhesives, one to attach to the package to be sterilized and another to be detached after sterilization for recording in the medical record. Adhesive developed to withstand vacuum and process temperature;
    • Raw material suitable for the sterilization process Steam;
    • It can be attached to any type of packaging such as fabric, SMS, surgical grade paper, etc.

    Attention: the application of the label is done using a special labeling machine. It is of fundamental importance that you indicate the brand and model of the labeling machine so that we can direct you to the best label format for use.

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