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Dual-use color tag for steam sterilization, with Type 1 chemical indicator and easy-to-remove side tab. Resistant up to 150ºC and adhesive developed to withstand autoclave vacuum. It can be made with or without hospital data and used in resin ribbon printers. Ideal for organizing CME or clinics that need different colors to identify OPME, instruments, private boxes, etc.

Double Layer Adhesive Color Label for Sterilization

    • Stripe with process chemical indicator for steam sterilization Type 1(“ROSE/RED”: special thermochromic ink for autoclave Vapor);
    • Colored Double Use Label: comes with a double layer of adhesives, one to attach to the package to be sterilized and another to be detached after sterilization for recording in the medical record. Adhesive developed to withstand vacuum and process temperature;
    • Raw material suitable for the sterilization process Steam;
    • It can be attached to any type of packaging such as fabric, SMS, surgical grade paper, etc.
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